You Are Enlisted

Message by Pastor Mark.

This Lenten Season we are diving into the Jesus Creed (love God, love Others). This morning’s message focuses on the Lord’s Prayer – essentially Jesus’ prayer that follows the same cadence as the Jesus Creed. Adapted from a Jewish prayer (the Kaddish), Jesus’ prayer focuses on both God and human beings.

Matthew 6:9-13

  1. Me, Myself &  I
  2. Prayer Struggle
  3. The Jesus Prayer
    1. The Jesus Creed, Prayed
    2. The Kaddish of Judaism
      1. Name
      2. Will
      3. Kingdom
    3. The Addition
    4. What we Learn
      1. To approach God as _______
      2. What _______ really wants
      3. To think of ______
      4. What we all _______
  4. Enlistment vs Intercession
  5. Pray for what _______ wants
    Pray for what _______ need
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