The Seven Seals

Sermon preached by Cameron Beidler, our Worship Director and Seminary Inter. This is the fifth sermon in our summer series, “Apocalypse Now,” that will take us all the way to Labor Day. This message is on Revelation 6 & 7.

Join us as we journey through the book of Revelation.

Sermon Notes

Apocalypse Now

The Seven Seals | Revelation 6-8:1

Seal 1 – White Horse

Seal 2 – Red Horse

Seal 3 – Black Horse

Seal 4 – Pale Horse

Seal 5 – Martyrs ask, “When will you avenge our blood?”

Seal 6 – Global Impact of God’s Judgment

Seal 7 – Trumpets released (Silence in Heaven)

The Christian hope is not in being ___________ from ________________

but being ____________ in _______________.

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