The Crowd’s Demand – Luke 23-1-25

The Darkness is closing in on Jesus. Everyone seems to be against him. The Religious Leaders of His own people, The Roman Government represented by Pilate, Herod, and even the Crowds gathered for Passover. But in the midst of all that, Jesus is at peace! In fact, in our scripture reading (Luke 23:1-25) Jesus only speaks four words. Jesus is a non-anxious presence in the middle of a tightening noose of darkness. How? And what can we learn for our lives today.

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  1. Breg
    Breg says:

    Let Your peace rule our hearts as we turn our anxious thoughts to You.
    Be and do Who You are in us because we are in You. May we wait patiently
    for Your leading.
    In Jesus’ mighty Spirit,


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