The Best 3
Kids Worship Albums

As suggested by Cameron Beidler

Good, quality, modern, kids worship albums are hard to come by. Below are my top 3 recommended albums. All of these albums have been an encouragement to me (and I have no kids) and I hope they can be an encouragement to you. These albums are musically interesting and lyrically Gospel focused. These are sure to be great additions to your travel playlists. I hope that your families will be benefitted by these albums and resources as you strive to worship as a family.

If you really want to worship as a family and don’t know where to start, start here. Singing your heart out in the car can be a wonderful way of connecting your family to God. Gathering together for worship is an indispensable part of your family’s spiritual life. It is a means for God to reveal himself to you and your loved ones in a powerful way.

If you love the music, but want another great resource I would recommend the short (80 page) book “Family Worship” by Donald Whitney.


Listen Up!

Sovereign Grace Music

Everyone loves a good story. But when Jesus told stories, he called them parables, and each one taught us something important about who God is and how He wants us to live. Sovereign Grace Music has set 13 of those parables to music and hit on topics like listening, forgiveness, praying, giving, believing, and being ready for Jesus’ return. The songs on this album unpack 13 of those parables in a way that’s memorable and fun for kids. Even better, they point to the greatest story of all, the Gospel.

They have partnered with Marty Machowski, the author of the book “The Ology: Ancient Truths, Ever New,” to create a collection of 10 minute devotionals based on Jesus’ parables. The goal is to get families to worship together throughout the week. There is also a Sunday School curriculum based around Jesus’ parables.

Overall, this album is highly recommended!

– Listen Up!
– Sand Pile Blues
– Ready, Set, Go!
– Good and Faithful Shepherd
– Lord, Help us Forgive
– Love Like You
– Our Good Father
– Givers Like God
– Gracious Invitation
– Lost is Found
– Welcome In
– Everybody Needs You
– Be Ready


The Ology: Ancient Truths Ever New

Sovereign Grace Music

Sovereign Grace Music has put out a few different kids worship albums, but this one is the best, I believe. The tunes are fun and span a variety of genres and styles without lacking in Gospel truths.In a memorable, creative, fun, and understandable way, kids learn all about God, people, sin, God’s promises, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, adoption, sanctification, the church, Christ’s return, and the Bible.

This album can be used alongside the children’s book titled The Ology: Ancient Truths Ever New, a book aimed at teaching theology to kids through story (the best way to learn).

– The God of Wow
– Just the Way God Wanted Us to Be
– The Scariest Song
– God Always Keeps His Promises
– Totally God, Totally Man
– Our Help
– God’s Great Family
– One Step at a Time
– Brick after Brick
– You’re Coming Back
– All About Jesus


Only Jesus

Austin Stone Worship Kids

Austin Stone Worship is from Austin, Texas. They have a passion for writing Scripture saturated music for congregational worship and this kids album is no exception. The album is packed full of truths about God’s character and His actions. The music is fun and energetic and is sure to capture you and your child’s attention. The catchy tunes make it easy to sing along with after a few listens.

The folks at Austin Stone Worship have also created a “Family Worship Guide” that is focused around their album. It includes the lyrics to each song and 20 devotionals based on the songs. This album is a great way for kids and adults alike to learn about and worship our great God.

– Jesus Forever
– King Of Everything
– Only Jesus
– You Made Everything
– Rescue For My Soul
– Center My Life
– I Found A Treasure
– Tell The World
– Trust
– We Are One

How have these

albums and resources

benefited your family?

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  1. Alvina
    Alvina says:

    Great Album and I really appreciate your blog. At the point when God’s kin start to acclaim and worship Him utilizing the Biblical strategies. He gives, the Power of His quality comes among His kin in a considerably more noteworthy measure.


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