“Standing Against Pride & Excess” – Esther 1

NEW SUMMER SERMON SERIES BEGINS THIS WEEK SUNDAY, JUNE 19: “This is Your Time” — Pastor Mark invites you on a journey as we take a survey of the Book of Esther. Esther is unique to the Cannon of the Old Testament. For one thing, the author never mentions God anywhere in the whole book. Yet, as we read, we can see the hand of God throughout the entire plot and resolution of the story. What’s more, Esther reads more like a theatrical performance than a book of the Bible. As Carol Bechtel says, “Something about this book makes us laugh and cry and thank God all at the same time.” But mostly this book, “makes us all take stock of ourselves and wonder what God is up to.” Says Bechtel. I hope this summer we can laugh and cry together as we read and learn. I hope we will take stock of ourselves and wonder together what God is up to in this crazy world and crazy time in which we live. And I hope you will each see that God has something special for us to do now. This is Your Time. Don’t let it slip by. Plan now to join us in person or online throughout the summer at 9:30 AM as we laugh and cry and wonder what God is up to.



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