Consistory Nomination

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  • Elder Chair

    This position requires leadership and administrative spiritual gifts. It is an Elder position and will be considered the Second Vice President of Consistory. This person serves two years as Chair of the Elders and is the liaison between the Governance Board and the Board of Elders. For the two years service as the Chair of the Elders, this person prepares the agenda, calls the meetings, and conducts the Elder meetings. This person assures that the minutes of the Governance Board are taken and recorded and that the minutes of the Board of Elders are recorded and reports on those minutes at the Governance Board meetings. After two years when the Vice President rotates out of office, the Elder Chair will function in that capacity for the next two years and another Elder Chair will be selected. Serving four years on the Governance Board, this person will share the responsibility of maintaining the mission and vision of our congregation, help define the boundaries for future ministry projects, and hold the Pastor accountable to achieve ministry targets.