Marriage Can Be Fun

Sermon preached by Pastor Mark Kleinheksel in our sermon series, “The Marriage Conundrum.”

Marriage health is vital to the success of families and we at Hager Park Church are all about investing in families. We will learn together the “Core Four” for marriage health and vitality. But it takes more than a married couple on their own to insure that health. In addition, there are families where marriage has failed. There are families of one where marriage may never exist. There are single parent families where marriage may be hoped for someday or again. And there are singles who may choose never to be married or remarried. We all need to learn and grow in our understanding of what a Christ-centered strong marriage looks like so that, we can be a part of creating, sustaining and reconciling them. And when things go bad we all need to be a part of picking up the pieces and extending the love and grace of Jesus, so healing can come.

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