H. E. Double Toothpicks

Preached by Pastor Mark Kleinheksel on Revelation chapter 20. He discusses the final defeat of Satan and the hard truth that Hell is a real place where people, who do not put their hope and trust in Christ, will spend eternity in.

Sermon Notes

  • It’s No Laughing Matter
  • Unbelievable
  • The Judgment Seat
    • Satan’s End (v. 10)
    • The Great White Throne & The Judgment Seat of Christ (v. 11)
    • “Uncreation” (v. 11b)
    • The Book(s) were opened (v. 12)
    • Death and Hades (v. 13)
    • Second Death (v. 14)
    • The Book of Life (v. 15)
  • Hell is Serious, Hell is Real
  • No Hell, No Repentance | Know Jesus, Know Repentance
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