Foundations: What’s the Big Deal?

Message by Pastor Mark

Foundations – our series through the Apostles’ Creed is coming close to the end, but still has a lot of powerful truths to proclaim. This week’s message is on the line: “I believe in…the forgiveness of sins.”

Why is sin such a Big Deal and why do we need to be forgiven? Listen in as Pastor Mark helps us strengthen and solidify our faith as we build on a firm foundation with the answers to these questions.

Sermon Notes:

Romans 3:19-25

  1. Foreign Foulness
  2. What’s the Big Deal?
  3. “The Forgiveness of Sins”
    1. Total Depravity
    2. God’s Holiness
    3. God’s Mercy
  4. No Forgiveness – No salvation
  5. Know Forgiveness – Know Salvation
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