Ben Kroeze

Youth Director and Young Life Partner


I am a disciple of Jesus Christ passionate about sharing the love of Christ with young people. I am 24 years old and soon to be graduate of Kuyper College. 

My story (short and general, please ask and I would love to go into more detail): I grew up in a Christians home as a pastor’s kid and always knew about Jesus very well. However, I was not always living that way. It has been a long and slow process throughout high school and into early college of moving things from my head to my heart and to really live out my faith. I gave my life to Christ in profession of faith my senior year of high school. As I spent more time with Christ and continue to this day working on and growing my relationship with Him, He is continuing to work in me and sanctifying me to be more like Him everyday. 

A Few of His Favorite Things: Playing and watching sports, all kinds of music and movies, video games (when I get a chance), I love spending time with friends, so if I can do any of the things above with them that is a huge bonus. Finally to sum it up, my favorite things include: coffee, chicken wings (especially Buffalo Wild Wings because SPORTS), spending time with my niece and nephew, hanging out with friends, relaxing with some T.V. or video games, and talking about Jesus with young people.

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