Red Sea Rules #5 – “Stay Calm, God is Working”

Exodus 14:13-14 – Do you have trouble waiting? It’s difficult to wait upon the Lord at times. We want answers Now! We want deliverance Now! We want God to act Now! We are impatient people. It makes sense, everything in our culture tells us or caters to our desire for immediate gratification. But it’s also hard to wait when we are afraid. Yet God so often says wait. But that doesn’t mean He’s not actively doing something. It doesn’t mean He’s not working. In those moments we need to listen to God’s words to the Israelites, “Stand Firm! – Be silent! And see the deliverance of the Lord!”


Red Sea Rules #4 – Pray!

Exodus 14:10

When you find yourself in an acute crisis, what’s your first reaction? Do you cry out to the Lord? That’s what the Israelites did when they saw Pharaoh’s armies marching toward them. They did most things right, except for one very important element. They didn’t really believe that God would help them. Let’s uncover rule number four together.

Red Sea Rules #3 – “Enemies in Peripheral Vision”

“Not Today Satan, NOT Today!!!”

Join us as we continue to uncover the Red Sea Rules for overcoming life’s obstacles.


Red Sea Rules #2 “To the Glory of God”

RED SEA RULES-10 lessons for overcoming the obstacles you face. Rule #2 – “To the Glory of God”


Red Sea Rules #1 – “Here By God’s Appointment”

10 lessons for overcoming the obstacles you face

Rule #1 “Here by God’s Appointment”