Piercing the Dark: Little Herods

Message by Pastor Mark

Who sits on the throne of your heart? In an American culture rampant with self-fulfillment and chaos, Jesus calls us to a different lifestyle. Jesus calls us to put Him on the throne and serve Him over ourselves. Jesus calls us to die to ourselves so that we can truly experience Joy.

Piercing the Dark of Faith

Message by Pastor Mark

Mary’s journey of faith is not unlike ours. Her journey is one of obedience in the face of uncertainty. Let her faith be an inspiration and example of how are to trust the God who knows much better than we know.

Luke 1:26-56

  • A Questioning Faith
  • Slow Faith Builds Bold Faith
    • Mary’s thoughtful response
    • Mary’s gradual response
    • Mary’s wonder-full Response
  • Willing Surrender
  • Not so Fast Mary

Piercing the Dark: A Broken World

Pastor Mark dives into the real miracle of Christ’s incarnation. Jesus came into this world, fully God and fully man, to be with us. How is this miracle affecting your life?

Matthew 1:18-23

  • Princess for a Day
  • “Lip Service”
  • The Real Miracle
    • Jesus is God
    • Jesus is Human
    • Jesus is With Us
  • A Jesus-Centered Life
  • Born to Die

Piercing the Dark: Family Unfiltered

Message by Pastor Cam

The holiday season brings about much joy, hope, and often times stress. Part of the stress is dealing with family dynamics. Though I cannot help out with your family I can give you hope that Jesus, too, has quite the dysfunctional family tree. Sunday we will dive into Jesus’ lineage and see how it gives us hope in the midst of the darkness of this world.

Matthew 1:1-17

  1. History First
    1. Act or Listen?
    2. Jesus came primarily to __ ____ us, not to ______ ______ of us.
  2. Family Unfiltered
  3. Peace on Earth

Piercing the Dark: Light Shines

Message by Pastor Mark

Isaiah said of the promised Messiah, “The people walking in darkness have seen great light…He will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.” Jesus fulfilled that prophecy and we celebrate the Light of the World who did in fact pierce the darkness of this world and shed the light of God on all humankind.

Isaiah 9:2-7