Seeking the King

Message by Pastor Cam.

As 2020 comes to a close, our need to seek the King does not. With the world around us swirling about it can be difficult to keep your mind set on what’s most important. Join us this Sunday as we take a look at the “Wise Men” and what they can teach us as we head into a new year.

Matthew 2:1-23

Role Reversal

Message by Pastor Mark.

Shepherds were not on the top rung of the social ladder in Jesus’ Day. In fact, they were pretty much at the bottom of the heap. So, why does God choose to announce the birth of His Son to them ahead of all others? Could it be that in the Birth of Jesus, God was redefining our understanding of what’s important and who’s included on His royal guest list? Jesus later will say, “The first will be last and the last first.”

In Pursuit

Message by Pastor Mark.

Joseph pursued Mary to be his wife. God pursued Mary to be His servant. Joseph pursued his own understanding of the situation. God pursued Joseph with His Spiritual Truth. Joseph accepted God’s truth and pursued God’s truth in obedience. God pursues us in Jesus. Jesus is the physical manifestation of God’s pursuit of us. All we need to do is believe, receive, and pursue Jesus.

Matthew 1:18-25


Christmas is a glorious time of celebration. We remember the birth of our savior and we celebrate family and the practice of gift-giving. But sometimes our plans change. Sometimes things happen like a pandemic that changes everything. But sometimes God’s will changes everything and we lose sight of the glory of Christmas under the weight of the expectations of Christmas. In these moments we need to recognize, like Mary, that God is the one who carries us through the weight of the season to the Glory of His Son.

Luke 1:26-45, 56


Message by Pastor Mark.

Have you ever really stopped and pondered what it would be like to actually be in the Christmas Story? You know, actually, step into the shoes of the very characters we’ve come to know and love who make up the story of Christmas. If you really take a moment, close your eyes and imagine the scene, the landscape, the history, the culture, the sounds and the smells I wonder if you would start to sense and see something new, something fresh in this most beloved of all stories. The events of the Christmas story took place in real-time, to real people, with real lives and it changed them in very real ways.

Luke 1:5-25