Message by Pastor Mark.

Have you ever really stopped and pondered what it would be like to actually be in the Christmas Story? You know, actually, step into the shoes of the very characters we’ve come to know and love who make up the story of Christmas. If you really take a moment, close your eyes and imagine the scene, the landscape, the history, the culture, the sounds and the smells I wonder if you would start to sense and see something new, something fresh in this most beloved of all stories. The events of the Christmas story took place in real-time, to real people, with real lives and it changed them in very real ways.

Luke 1:5-25

Send Me!

Message by Pastor Mark.

We have asked God to search us, shape us, and break us. This sermon shows the importance of asking God to send us. Being available to what God has for you is so important.

Isaiah 6:1-8

Break Me: Radical Denial

Message by Pastor Cam.

The Christian life is radically self-refusing and radically Christ-exalting. This is the hardest and most rewarding part of the Christian life. “God, Break me,” is a prayer that many will not want to pray, but when prayed, God will answer it in a way that you cannot deny.

Matthew 16:24-27

Shape Me: Holy Discontentment

Message by Pastor Cam.

When we pray, “Search me,” we are asking God to take a deep look into our hearts and reveal any dirt. But after we see the sin in our lives what do we do? Where do we turn when our deepest sins are umasked in front of us? To be a faithful steward of God’s revelation, the prayer “Search Me” must be followed by the prayer “Shape Me.” Something is always shaping us – let it be Jesus.

1 Timothy 6:11-16

Playing it Safe

Message by Pastor Mark.

Is the goal of the Christian life safety? Well, eternal safety, for sure. But what about our life here on earth. Is God’s goal for us as Christians to keep us safe from all danger? If you listened to our prayers you might think that’s the only goal. Maybe we should be praying something a bit more dangerous, a bit more revealing about the condition of our hearts.

Psalm 139:23-24

A Righteous Response

Sometime our anger is righteous anger. And sometimes our response to that righteous anger is also a righteous response. Moses had good reason to be angry with the Nation of Israel when they decided to worship a golden calf instead of their Holy God. He also responded to their sin with a consequence that fit the crime. But what was it that caused the Israelites to turn from God in the first place?

Exodus 32:17-24


J.P. Sundararajan (The RCA’s director for Global Mission) preaches from his least favorite passage of scripture in the whole Bible. Yet, this scripture is integral to his story. A story of how God brought a kid from India to the United States and into the Reformed Church in America family and now the Director of Global Mission for the Reformed Church in America.

John 11:1-11

Cover-Up Anger

Message by Pastor Mark.

King David, “burned with anger” when the priest Nathan came to him and shared with him the details of a civil suit with which he was struggling. A rich man takes a poor man’s only lamb and serves it up as dinner for a traveler who stops by his home one day. He leaves the poor man with nothing. David declares, “The man must die! And pay restitution 4x the amount stolen!”

Nathan then said to David, “You are the man!” Yikes! Now what?

2 Samuel 12:1-13

Anger that Turned a Good King Bad

Message by Pastor Mark.

Uzziah was one of the Good Kings in Judah. He reigned in Jerusalem for 52 years. But something happened that turned a good King bad. That something was anger and an unrepentant spirit. But the anger was an outflow of other sins that crept into his life over time. Let’s learn how to finish well and see God’s favor continue through our lives from beginning to end.

2 Chronicles 26:16-21

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Shut the Door Anger

Message by Pastor Mark.

In your anger, it is easy to shut the door on God and not trust that God has a plan for it and is constantly pursuing you in and with His love. In the story of Cain murdering his brother, Abel, we see God’s amazing love in the midst of Cain’s jealous rage.

Genesis 4:1-16.