Best Children’s Bibles

As suggested by Cameron Beidler (Yes, I’m childless)

These suggestions are in no particular order.
All of these have been used in some capacity at Hager Park Church or by Hager Park Church staff and are very well done. The great story of God is not something that should be kept for adults. Some of the children’s Bibles out there are less than impressive. Below I have my suggested 4 children’s Bibles/storybooks that I feel are the best for telling God’s glorious story of redemption and grace.

These books are aimed at children and therefore leave out parts of Scripture that may not seem appropriate for their minds. They tone down the gruesomeness of Scripture. For example, the story of the binding of Isaac (Sacrifice of Isaac/Testing of Abraham) is not told and the accounts of the end times is not mentioned. However, they were written for 4-11 year olds so that’s not all bad.

These books tell the story and can be used as a great tool for getting your children in the stories that tell of God’s plan of redemption.

Feel the need to point this out. These storybooks & Bibles are not just beneficial for children, but for people of all ages. Any way that adults can be drawn into the Word of God is beneficial.

Also, reading these books should not be a substitution for reading the actual Bible. These storybooks help us reimagine stories we have possibly read dozens of times, but I still recommend still setting aside daily time to be in God’s Word and let yourself interact with Scripture in a new and exciting way.