BE N.I.C.E.: “Notice” – 1 Kings 19:1-5

We begin our new series focused on Mental Health called, “You Are Not Alone!” When we struggle with our mental health, we often believe we are alone. That’s exactly what Elijah believed. He believed that even God had left him. Elijah felt so alone that he wanted to die. But the good news for Elijah and for us is that “We Are Not Alone!” God is with us, He hears us, He sees us, and he comforts us in our pain and gives us a way forward. For Elijah it was an angel sent by God who touched him and gave him hope. For us, it’s often one of our brothers or sisters in Christ that become God’s hand on our shoulder to show us that God is present and working. That’s why we need to Notice. Notice when something has changed and notice how God wants to use us in someone else’s life. Join us as we study 1 Kings 19 over the next four weeks.

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