Entries by Carol Roskam

“Default Future” – John 15:1-11

All that we have been learning boils down to this, “Abiding in the Vine” but being missional challenges our traditional understanding of what it means to Abide. There is pain when we fail to abide and there is even pain when we abide well. However, if we choose not to abide in the vine intentionally […]

“Mission Partners” – John 6:53-66

God’s Mission needs Mission Partners—People who are all-in and following Jesus wherever He goes even if the road He travels is difficult and hard to accept. Our scripture text for Sunday shares one of those hard teachings of Jesus and how many of His fair-weather disciples, on hearing this teaching, turned away and no longer […]

“We Are the Church” – Matthew 16:13-28

Join us on Sunday at 9:30 or 11:00AM in person or online as we worship God and share our answers to prayer. We welcome Rev. Dr. Barbara Yandel to our pulpit as one of our Missionaries to the Muslim World. Dr. Yandel founded her ministry “Hope for the Nations” 20 years ago and has been […]