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J.P. Sundararajan (The RCA’s director for Global Mission) preaches from his least favorite passage of scripture in the whole Bible. Yet, this scripture is integral to his story. A story of how God brought a kid from India to the United States and into the Reformed Church in America family and now the Director of […]

Cover-Up Anger

Message by Pastor Mark. King David, “burned with anger” when the priest Nathan came to him and shared with him the details of a civil suit with which he was struggling. A rich man takes a poor man’s only lamb and serves it up as dinner for a traveler who stops by his home one […]

Anger that Turned a Good King Bad

Message by Pastor Mark. Uzziah was one of the Good Kings in Judah. He reigned in Jerusalem for 52 years. But something happened that turned a good King bad. That something was anger and an unrepentant spirit. But the anger was an outflow of other sins that crept into his life over time. Let’s learn […]

Shut the Door Anger

Message by Pastor Mark. In your anger, it is easy to shut the door on God and not trust that God has a plan for it and is constantly pursuing you in and with His love. In the story of Cain murdering his brother, Abel, we see God’s amazing love in the midst of Cain’s […]

Jonah: Smoke ‘Em Anger

Message by Pastor Mark. In Jonah Chapter 4:3, Jonah says, “Lord, take away my life, for it is better for me to die than to live” (because he is so angry). What’s surprising, Jonah’s anger is directed at God because He is so Gracious. What???? Jonah wants to die because God is too gracious???? Yep! […]

Abide: Dan Smith

Message by Dan Smith, the founder of Paradise Bound, a ministry that works with people in Guatemala by providing food, medicine, housing, and Gospel truth. Hager Park Church has partnered with Paradise Bound for many years.

Judas: Opportunity Lost

Message by Pastor Mark. Judas (Iscariot) was given every opportunity to be shaped for greatness. Instead, he squandered the opportunity that Jesus laid before him and sold his soul to the Devil. He gave up everything to follow Jesus but never gave him his heart. He was more interested in his own goals and ambition […]