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Crazy Stupendous Love: Faith Required

Message by Pastor Mark Hebrews 11 is often called the Faith Hall of Fame. What’s important to remember is every single person in this Hall of Fame were flawed and broken people just like us today. It is also important to note that God used them in unbelievable ways because they were willing to step […]

Crazy Stupendous Love: Love Reflected

Message by Pastor Mark Like any relationship, our love for Christ needs to be cultivated and expanded. Christ’s love is shown for us throughout history, His Word, His creation, and His ministry (past and present). Our love for Him, however, does not always shine through our private lives into our public lives. Today we take […]

Crazy Stupendous Love: Fruit Inspectors

Pastor Mark takes us through the parable of the sower and how it relates to the Christian life. The life of a Christian is one of following the Savior of the world, Jesus. Following Jesus goes hand in hand with producing fruit; the question we ask then is, “Am I producing fruit?” Matthew 13:1-9 Where’s […]

Crazy Stupendous Love: Frivolous Faith

Message by Pastor Cam It is amazing how much our human experience does not change as the times and technology change. Jesus’ words to the church in Laodicea reveal a lot about how He desires Christians to live, no matter the culture around them. Jesus is calling us to be aware. Live an examined life […]