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Abide: Dan Smith

Message by Dan Smith, the founder of Paradise Bound, a ministry that works with people in Guatemala by providing food, medicine, housing, and Gospel truth. Hager Park Church has partnered with Paradise Bound for many years.

Judas: Opportunity Lost

Message by Pastor Mark. Judas (Iscariot) was given every opportunity to be shaped for greatness. Instead, he squandered the opportunity that Jesus laid before him and sold his soul to the Devil. He gave up everything to follow Jesus but never gave him his heart. He was more interested in his own goals and ambition […]

Foundational Obscurity

Message by Pastor Mark. Not all the 12 disciples are well known and famous. Some of these disciples are not spoken of. This should give us hope that we can do great things for the Kingdom of God. Matthew 10:1-5, Revelation 21:14

Thomas: The Heroic Pessimist

Message by Pastor Mark. In John 11:1-16 we are introduced to Thomas for the first time. He is ready to die with Christ. But Jesus has other plans for him and the rest of the disciples. He is ready to give them a glimpse of the future and prepare them to LIVE for Him and […]

Matthew: Is There a Doctor in the House?

Message by Pastor Mark. Matthew, or Levi, was a disciple of Jesus, but slightly different from the rest as he was a tax collector, one of the most despised occupations of the day. Looked down upon by men, Matthew felt something needed to change in his life and when Jesus called, Matthew answered the call. […]

Nathanael: True Israelite

Message by Pastor Cam. Bartholomew/Nathanael was rarely mentioned in Scripture. However, he was called ‘an Israelite indeed, in whom there is no deceit.’ High praise for an ordinary person. Let that be said of us as we seek to better follow the Rabbi, Jesus. Join us on Sunday as we learn from Nathanael the human, […]

Philip: Just Add Faith

“Philip is your classic ‘Process Person’”, says John MacArthur. Philip needed all the details for every situation. He was a planner and wanted to have everything figured out in advance. Faith was difficult for Philip and Jesus needed to teach him that “full” faith in Jesus is required for greatness. John 6:1-15