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Palm Sunday

Message by Pastor Mark. Palm Sunday is the day we celebrate Jesus coming into Jerusalem. The day that Jesus was hailed as the king He is. This was the beginning of the week that led to our salvation. Jesus came in an unpredictable way to bring about unpredictable salvation. Now we get to join in […]

Table Fellowship

Message by Pastor Mark. The Jesus Creed is the backbone of Jesus’ ministry and we can see it being played out through everything that He teaches. This morning we focus on the Table – the Lord’s Supper along with the very table we all meet around and eat at. Jesus is calling us to use […]

Secularism And The Gospel

Message by Pastor Cam. The Prodigal Son is the Jesus Creed in story. Loving God and Loving Others is essential to the Christian life. Pastor Cam goes through this story through new eyes and shows how God’s love compels us to love Others. Luke 15:1-2, 11-31 The Sons’ Problem The Secular Problem The Father’s Love […]

You Are Enlisted

Message by Pastor Mark. This Lenten Season we are diving into the Jesus Creed (love God, love Others). This morning’s message focuses on the Lord’s Prayer – essentially Jesus’ prayer that follows the same cadence as the Jesus Creed. Adapted from a Jewish prayer (the Kaddish), Jesus’ prayer focuses on both God and human beings. […]

Rise & Retire

Message by Pastor Mark. Our Lenten series is titled, “Living the Jesus Creed.” The Jesus Creed is Jesus’ answer to the question ‘what is the greatest commandment?’ Jesus takes the traditional Jewish Creed, the Shema from Deuteronomy 6, and adds a portion from Leviticus 19:18. This is the core of the Christian life – love […]