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The Word

Message by Pastor Mark “The Word” both the written Word and the living Word of God. Can you separate the two? What’s the difference? And what does it mean to Follow the Way in regard to The Word. It’s popular to say one is better than the other, to follow one and not both, is […]

Reflecting The Way

Message by Pastor Mark. When we become a Christian and receive Jesus as our Lord and Savior, we gain eternal life and The Holy Spirit who directs our path along the Way as we follow Jesus. But that means we give up our own way. That doesn’t mean we lose our uniqueness. But it does […]

Come to the Table

Message by Pastor Mark. What do you call our gathering at the Lord’s Table? Scripture makes minority references like: “Love Feast”, “The Lord’s Table” and “The Breaking of the Bread”. But The Church has landed on three main names for our celebration at the table. As we partake in this celebration together we will discover […]

Seeking the King

Message by Pastor Cam. As 2020 comes to a close, our need to seek the King does not. With the world around us swirling about it can be difficult to keep your mind set on what’s most important. Join us this Sunday as we take a look at the “Wise Men” and what they can […]